Welcome To TransGlobal Trading & Consulting


We are the best you can get in the field of industrial supplies and consulting. We help you procuring and sourcing different goods and services from all over the world and at the same time offer consultancy services for enhancing sales growth, export marketing, inventory management and contract manufacturing. We have already earned name and fame in the world of sourcing and procurement, which we want to take to a higher level in coming days.

Our hardworking and knowledgeable team is our main resource. For us, every client bears the topmost importance. We have a dedicated and expert team, which is always there to help you. We understand that clients come to us to save their time, money and effort. We stay alert that our clients always get their requirement delivered at the lowest possible time, at the lowest possible cost and without any grievance. We have got a strong network of alliances from all over the world, who help us secure the best products for our clients.

01. Our Vision

Our vision is closely related to our mission. We believe that there is always room for improvement for every organization, so we want to keep improving our service. We want to see ourselves serving the clients with increasingly satisfactory service in the coming years. Thus we want to make our organization as the top brand in the field of procuring, sourcing and consulting. We want to make more creative strategies so that our clients can get more out their venture with TransGlobal. We also want that anyone who has worked with TransGlobal once will not go to any other company regarding the services that we provide. In other words, creating loyal clients is also a part of our vision.

02. Our Mission

TransGlobal believes in complete customer satisfaction by any means. Our mission is to be at the service of the customers. As we deal with trading and consulting, we are resolute to provide our customers the best procurement and sourcing services along with the best consultancy service regarding their business. We always focus on the needs of the clients and try to achieve them by making separate customized strategies for each of them. We not only work to make the procurement cost effective but also the most convenient for the clients.


  • Marketing and sales of material (metal, powder & scrap) and finished industrial components.
  • Distribution and representative of leading international companies
  • Capturing, managing and prospecting market share for our principals.
  • Business consulting for low cost country sourcing, export management, export trading, inventory management, contract manufacturing.