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What is Export Management Company:

An Export Management Company (EMC) is an export company only by its name. Actually, it will serve your organization the purpose of export management department, but you don’t have to hire a bigger office or extra manpower for it. These companies are basically independently run private firms, they will perform as the export department of various producers and manufacturers that are not competing with each other. An EMC can be a local, joint venture or international company. Their working method can also vary. Some firms perform commission based work while others work on the basis of a fixed fee. Sometimes, these companies are called as an export trading company.

How it works:

An Export Management Company is well versed in export import laws of the different country and has a good relationship with many companies at home and abroad. They ask for quotes from the international buyers on behalf of their clients. Many times they appoint sales representatives to advertise, market, and promote the products of their clients. They also consider laws of the countries before signing the contract. After the contract, the EMCs are responsible for labeling and packaging, arranging transportation, provide warranties and post sales services related to the products. Basically, EMC is not only the representative of the local company but also works as the dealer and distributor at the same time.

HowTransGlobal can help you:

As we all know, exporting any product is not an easy task. It involves two different countries, which means, different law, rules, and regulations for the same product. This also involves a lot of manpower to complete the entire process. Many companies do not have this much of manpower or knowledge needed for export. But this does not mean that they have to refrain from exporting. TransGlobal is here to make your export mechanism easy. All you have to do is give us the entire responsibility of developing export market and executing export procedure on your behalf. We have a talented team who has got years of experience in the field of export. So you can give us the responsibility and concentrate on other important activities like, research and development or manufacturing.