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What is Inventory business:

Inventory Business is the type of Business that companies do by reselling their stocked products or repairing. Inventory business can be done on both the raw materials and the finished products.

Types of Inventory Business:

Inventory business can be divided into two types. These are—

  • Surplus Inventory – It is also known as excess inventory. Inventory caused by usable additional products is called surplus inventory. It can occur from obsolete products,  design changes, invalid orders, lost applications, and closure of the plant. Business experts suggest three basic rules regarding surplus Inventory. The first is to try to prevent it, the second one is to identify it and the third one is to sell it. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to prevent it. Otherwise, TransGlobal is here to help you. You just have to identify it and sell it to us.
  • Salvage Assets – There are materials that are usable but faced some minor damage during transportation or while in stock. Careless handling and natural or manmade disaster can also cause salvage assets. While these items are not valid in the market, you can sell through TransGlobal and get salvage value of the product instead of losing your entire investment on those products.

TransGlobal can you with surplus Inventory:

TransGlobal can save you from losing a large amount of investment you have done on certain products. Through this business, you can get back a certain portion of the amount invested in the products. For this, you need to contact with a good company that has experience in the field and can be trusted at the same time. TransGlobal has got vast experience in dealing with surplus inventory and salvage assets. We have a huge network worldwide for different products and materials. We believe that Inventory Business can help reducing wastage of raw material, energy, environment, and effort worldwide. We can suggest you the best company who will buy Inventory at a good rate. Therefore, companies get benefited by selling inventory goods. If you are interested in selling your inventory goods or products, feel free to contact us by calling or just dropping us an email.