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What is Low-cost Country Sourcing:

As we know, Sourcing means locating your required goods and services. It is only a sub section of the complex procurement process but it should not be ignored by any means. Rather Low-cost country sourcing can save your material cost to a good extent. This self-evident term means availing products and services from a country where the cost is comparatively low than the native country.

This might sound very easy but the actual process is quite tricky. The reason is that in depth knowledge is required about the industry and cost to do low-cost country sourcing. Other issues like export-import constraint of the specific countries, language problem, and logistic support complications can arise anytime. Overall, it does not only take your time and money to do low-cost country sourcing but also the knowledge of the process and alliance around the world. For these reasons, it becomes impossible for many organizations to do low-cost country sourcing for their required goods and services. But now, TransGlobal is here to solve this problem and make low-cost country sourcing easy for any company.

We have expertise in various industries, Automotive, Aviation, Defense, Engineering, Lighting, Metal, Medical, Manufacturing, Electronics, Electrical, Glass, etc.

What TransGlobal can do:

In simple words, TransGlobal eases the entire low-cost country sourcing process for your company. TransGlobal has got all the resources required to complete a low-cost country sourcing process. Whether you have done this low-cost country sourcing before or not, we can make this happen for you. Firstly we, along with your organization, decide on the products and services that will be required. We also get the idea of other related details like amount, budget, buying deadline, etc. Then we make the country profiling for the specific products. India, China, South Korea, Brazil are some of the countries famous for low-cost country sourcing because of the low cost of labor and high economic growth.

We consider these below parameters while making the comparison:

  • Vendor profile
  • Quality of the product
  • Capability Assessment
  • Price
  • On-time delivery
  • Risk Assessment
  • Negotiation
  • Contract execution
  • Logistics Plan Development

Why TransGlobal:

For the best low-cost country sourcing deal, local knowledge and alliance is an essential quality. TransGlobal is proud to have one of the best team that has category-specific knowledge of procurement and sourcing. We always help the organization to have the up to date information regarding the business.Therefore, you can always trust us for the best deal.