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What is scrap metal and powder

The word scrap means something that is left after use. By metal and powder scrap, we understand parts of any material that are left after production and consumption. The main feature of the scrap material is that it is recyclable and reusable. Contrary to the waste, scrap has got economic value because the recovered metals and powder can be used for recycling.

Metals used today for various purposes are usually derived from two sources. One is called primary, another is called secondary. The primary source is nothing but the ores found beneath the surface. The secondary sources are the metal that has already served their primary purpose but are still a part of the economy. Scrap metal and powder are products that are collected from secondary sources. Secondary metal can de differentiated into new and old scrap. The new scrap is the metal generated by the manufacturer, either at metal producers (i.e. home scrap) or from metals fabricators (i.e. prompt industrial scrap). The quality (i.e., chemical composition) of the new scrap is supposed to be better as they stay within the factory, hence they are readily considered for recycling. Whereas the old scrap of metal or powder is referred after it has been used in the economy, as industrial equipment or consumer goods. Quality wise the old scrap is inferior to the new scrap.

There are many benefits of using scraps that are obtained from the secondary sources. These scraps not only help to conserve energy but also landscapes and natural resources. They are also useful for the environment as they help reducing waste streams both toxic and nontoxic. According to the data produced by the US government use of scrap metal and powder can reduce all types of pollution to a great extent. Metal and powder scrap also reduces the use of raw metal which is beneficial for the future generation.

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