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What is Metal Powder

Metal powder means the powdery form of any metal. Usually, powder of Tungsten, Molybdenum, Aluminum, Copper, Cobalt, Tantalum, Niobium etc. is used as the metal powder.

The above products meet the highest standards for applications such as Industrial Gas Turbines, Oil & Gas Industry, Aviation, Medical, Electronic, Automotive, Industrial Engineering and Petrochemical Industry.

Usage of Metal powder

Metal powder has got many usages in today’s industry. Here are some of the examples of metal powder usage:

  • Making Powder Metallurgy: The most important function of metal powder is to make powder metallurgy. This is process through which metal powder is made to stick together like a dough and then solid objects were made out of it. Being very cost-effective and unique process, this is very popular methods nowadays to make metal objects.
  • Architecture: Many times metal powder is mixed with paints and then used on the surface of a certain object. This gives the surface a metal look. This process is often applied on sculptures along with industrial and decorative paint. In these cases, powder of metals like brass, bronze, aluminum, graphite, copper, nickel, iron etc. is used.
  • Thermal surfacing: Metal powders are often used for flame spraying, powder welding, and laser cladding. This type of coating saves the object from corrosion and wear. Thermal spray powders are used in this type of surfacing.
  • Additive manufacturing: metal powders are also being used in 3D printing which is also known as direct digital manufacturing. Use of Metal powders minimizes the production of waste material and increases mass production of the consumer products.
  • Printing: There are multiple usages of metal powders in the painting industry. Screenprinting depends largely on metal powders. Metal powders are used for coating and dusting also. These are also used as ingredients in making different types of printing inks.
  • Industrial usage: We also see the use of metal powder in the automobile industry for manufacturing components. They are also used in tool making, surface coating, metal injection molding etc.

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